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AT&T Celebrates Pride

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

In the past decade, AT&T has become a powerhouse force in the telecommunications world. With their coverage being expanded all the time, so has their support of the LGBT community, as they have quickly become one of the top supporters in the country.

The first major demonstration of support for the LGBTQ community came in donations. During the early weeks of pride month, AT&T donated 1 million dollars to the Trevor Project, a crisis and suicide prevention service that assists the LGBTQ community. To continue ensuring the safety and inclusion for LGBTQ individuals, AT&T continues to support initiatives that promote these ideals for LGBTQ+ youth, including The Trevor Project’s suicide prevention and crisis intervention services, HRC’s Time to THRIVE conference, GLSEN’s work to ensure a safe learning environment for all students, and the Tyler Clementi Foundation’s work with parents, educators, faith communities and employers to prevent bullying and build cultures of inclusion and acceptance. With important organizations like the Trevor Project devoted to assisting the LGBTQ community, donations from supporters such as AT&T are vital in raising awareness for the LGBTQ individuals.

Continuing the theme of organizations, AT&T continues to maintain a strong partnership with GLAAD, the world's leading media advocacy organization. In further commitment to involve themselves with various different organizations, AT&T was a founding member of the HRC Global Business Coalition and the Open for Business coalition promoting equality around the globe. In 2018, AT&T added its support to the UN's LGBTI Standards of Conduct for Business.

With all of these involvements AT&T has been pursuing, they are making a drastic difference in the LGBT community.

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