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ACDDE Releases Statement on Civil Rights Demonstrations, Racial Divide in America

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

On June 11, the Federal Communications Commission's Advisory Committee on Diversity and Digital Empowerment (ACDDE) released a public statement addressing the demonstrations that have taken place after the murder of George Floyd, an unarmed African American man who was murdered by police in May. LGBT Tech Executive Director Christopher B. Wood is one of the members of the ACDDE, and voted in favor of the statement.

The ACDDE statement addresses the racial inequalities in American society that recent hardships such as the COVID-19 pandemic have exacerbated: "Recurring racial violence and hostility against the Black community, compounded by the disparate impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on communities of color, have lain bare the ages-old social, health, and economic inequities and systemic racism that continue throughout the country." One of the roles of the FCC the ACDDE outlines is to help bridge inequalities in the communications industry.

The full ACDDE release statement can be viewed below.

Download PDF • 115KB

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