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Recap: Pride Unleashed: Empowering Marginalized Community Voices on Social Media

On June 4th, the Meta DC office was a vibrant hub of celebration and empowerment as Meta, in collaboration with LGBT Tech and ALLvanza, hosted the transformative event, "Pride Unleashed: Empowering Marginalized Community Voices on Social Media." This gathering not only celebrated Pride but also amplified the powerful stories of marginalized voices within our community, providing a unique space for connection, sharing, and growth. Attendees were invited to participate in the launch of pioneering research by LGBT Tech, which aimed to shed light on the experiences and challenges faced by marginalized communities in the digital age.

A Stellar Panel of Advocates

The highlight of the evening was an engaging panel discussion featuring prominent advocates and leaders from various organizations. Chris Wood, Executive Director of LGBT Tech, skillfully moderated the panel, guiding the conversation with thoughtful questions and insights.

The panelists included:

  • Antonio Tijerino, President and CEO of the Hispanic Heritage Foundation, who shared his perspective on the intersection of Hispanic heritage and LGBTQ+ identity.

  • Casey Pick, Senior Fellow for Advocacy and Government Affairs at The Trevor Project, who highlighted the importance of mental health resources and support for LGBTQ+ youth.

  • Rosa Mendoza, President and CEO of ALLvanza, who discussed the unique challenges faced by the Latino community and the critical role of advocacy in driving change.

  • Cindy Southworth, Meta's Head of Safety Policy, who provided insights into Meta's ongoing efforts to ensure a safe and inclusive online environment for all users.

Unveiling Groundbreaking Research

The event also featured a compelling research presentation by Shae Gardnder of LGBT Tech. Shae unveiled new data and findings that highlighted the pressing issues and opportunities for marginalized communities in the digital landscape. The research underscored the need for continued advocacy and innovative solutions to empower these voices and create more inclusive online spaces.

Experiencing Innovation with Meta Quest and Glasses

In addition to the enlightening discussions and research presentation, attendees had the opportunity to experience firsthand the innovative XR possibilities with Meta Quest and Glasses. This immersive experience allowed participants to explore the future of digital interaction and connectivity, showcasing how technology can be leveraged to amplify marginalized voices and foster community.

This Pride Month, Meta, LGBT Tech, and ALLvanza have set a powerful example of how collaboration and dedication can create meaningful change. Together, we can continue to unleash the power of our stories and make a lasting impact on the world.

Happy Pride!

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