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Recap: Celebrating Pride Month with Infosys

LGBT Tech was invited to celebrate Pride Month with our new PowerOn program supporter Infosys. Infosys's Pride ERG hosted a Pride celebration which we attended at their New York office, and also connected virtually with Infosys employees across the country and across the world.

PowerOn's new partnership with Infosys was highlighted in the with a video featuring LGBT Tech's Program Coordinator, Samantha Sygier Cayax who talked about the partnership and PowerOn's grant opportunities, and also featured several PowerOn ITG recipients who spoke about the impact that receiving the grant has made for them. Infosys employees also spoke about the new partnership in which Infosys will be donating lightly used refurbished laptops to PowerOn.

This partnership enables PowerOn to accept more LGBTQ+ community members into the program while also making an important environmental impact as the used but still good condition devices would otherwise be disposed of. Thank you Infosys for being an amazing and vital partner.

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