• Carlos Gutierrez, Dep. Director & General Counsel

LGBT Tech Statement on The State of Broadband Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic Senate Hearing

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Any discussion about expanded broadband must recognize that the trends of improved internet access and increased smartphone adoption have coincided with growing acceptance of LGBTQ+ individuals. Unfortunately, the small towns where many LGBTQ+ people are choosing to call home in greater numbers are also those that suffer from a lack of access to reliable internet connectivity.

For LGBTQ+ people, internet access supports vital health, educational, and community resources, as well as opportunities to connect with one another in a safe environment. Research has found that members of our community are returning and staying in rural America. That is one of the reasons why LGBT Tech launched the PowerOn program which utilizes a national network of community centers helping thousands of LGBTQ+ individuals across the country to ensure equal access to technology, connectivity, and community resources. The program helps disadvantaged youth and isolated seniors, many of which are living in rural and under-served areas, stay connected.