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LGBT Tech at NAB: A Dynamic Discussion on Diversity in Media and Programming

LGBT Tech’s Carlos Gutierrez recently joined forces with MMTC, ALLvanza, and OCA to host a dynamic and engaging panel at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) conference. The event focused on the critical topic of diversity in media and programming, bringing together industry leaders and advocates to discuss the importance of inclusive representation in media.

The panel featured an impressive lineup of experts, including:

  • Yi Chen of C35 Films

  • James Winston of NABOB

  • Felix Sanchez of NHFA

  • Michael Fernandez of V-ME Media

  • Maria Cardona of Dewey Square Group

Each panelist brought unique perspectives and insights, contributing to a robust conversation about the challenges and opportunities in promoting diversity within the media landscape. Attendees left the session inspired and motivated to continue pushing for greater inclusivity in their respective fields.

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