Comcast Celebrates Pride

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

LGBT Pride Month is a fantastic outlet for many individuals and organizations to express their support and love for individuals of the LGBTQ community. For companies such as Comcast, this month proved an exceptional time to display their support for those in PRIDE.

As this month marks the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, Comcast is making sure this pivotal event in LGBT history is vastly recognized. Earlier in the month, television news network NBC published an in-depth, striking documentary on the events that transpired during the Stonewall Riots. In an effort to raise more awareness, Comcast will host a screening of excerpts from the docuseries on July 8 at the Comcast Technology Center, along with a panel featuring leaders in the LGBT community such as:

  • Mark Segal, LGBTQ civil rights pioneer and Comcast Diversity Advisory Council member,

  • Sekiya Dorsett, award-winning writer and producer of the docuseries,

  • And Amber Hikes, City of Philadelphia’s Office of LGBTQ Affairs.

To demonstrate even more recognition for the event, a “Stonewall 50” collection was added to Xfinity’s LGBTQ Collection, featuring film and television recommendations from The Stonewall National Museum and Archives and 17 other national and regional LGBTQ organizations.