LGBT Tech Urges Congress To Work Together When It Comes To Our Internet

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Yesterday, Senate Democrats held a press conference in what LGBT Tech hopes is the first step towards a positive resolution to the net neutrality issue, namely Congressional legislation that protects neutrality while providing long-term legal consistency. LGBT Tech has maintained the position that the only way to ensure long-term legal consistency and prevent rule changes based on which way the pendulum is currently swinging at the FCC is for Congress to reach across the aisle and pass common sense legislation that works for today’s dynamic digital networks. The need for these rules should be very clear for legislators across both sides of the aisle given the head-spinning flurry of activity that has taken place recently at the FCC. It wasn’t very long ago that Democrats were applauding the actions of then Chairman Wheeler on this issue while now fretting about what Chairman Pai’s stance on net neutrality may mean for net neutrality. Clearly the only way to ensure that net neutrality is resolved in a bi-partisan manner once and for all is the codification of rules that reflect the compromise of members across both sides of the aisle.