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Watch PATHS Season 4 NOW!

Updated: Mar 11

Season 4 marks the first sets of interviews filmed in NYC! Check out our 7 interviews with LGBTQ+ individuals in STEAM around the New York area.

PATHS, is a program of LGBT Tech dedicated to creating visibility of LGBTQ+ professionals in STEAM fields through storytelling. Season 4 launched on October 5th with weekly videos airing every Thursday through October and into November. This season's interviews include individuals from across the LGBTQ+ community and STEAM fields, including UX Design, Site Reliability Engineering, Filmmaking, VR, Accessibility, Environmental Studies, Digital Art and Music Production; ranging from Founders to PATHS’ own mentors and mentees.

October is LGBTQ+ History Month. A great way to celebrate, is to highlight the work that LGBTQ+ individuals have done and are doing to pave the way for others, including creating space in STEAM. Over 40% of LGBTQ people in STEM are not out to colleagues. Not only does this data reflect how workplace culture affects individuals on a personal level, but also limits individuals' production and their ability to thrive. Having a diverse workforce and listening to them, not only improves the company culture, it also helps final products be better. As one of our interviewees, Jack Farzan, elaborates,

“Ultimately tech is part of our society. If we want to try to achieve a more just society, we need all kinds of people at every level. That includes diversifying the people who are creating our tech.” - Jack Farzan, Site Reliability Engineer

With each season of PATHS, we work to create a space where we can highlight different identities and professional experiences to be able to showcase a wide variety of possibilities for our community. Representations like these are able to provide others with hope, inspiration, creativity, as well as new or different pathways for their personal and professional growth.

“I want more people who look like me; I want more people who have the experiences that I have had, to be in tech.” - Nikita Washington, UX Designer and Founder

You can watch the full Season 4 of PATHS at

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