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Season 3 of PATHS is Underway

Updated: Mar 11

From filmmaking to cybersecurity, LGBT Tech's PATHS Season 3 launched June 1st, kicking off our Pride Month Events.

PATHS, is an LGBT Tech program dedicated to creating visibility of LGBTQ+ professionals in STEAM fields through storytelling. Season 3 launched on June 1st with weekly videos airing every Thursday through June and into July. This season's interviews include individuals from across the LGBTQ+ community and STEAM fields, including filmmaking, technical writing, accessibility & design, cybersecurity, mathematics and DEI; ranging from Co-founders to student leaders in STEAM.

Pride month is a time where we not only get to celebrate and remember the history of the LGBTQ+ community, but also spotlight people in the community for who they are, in all intersections, especially in STEAM. LGBTQ+ individuals are about 17-21% less represented in the STEM workforce when compared to the percentage of the U.S. population that doesn’t identify as LGBTQ+. As one of our interviewees, Amanda Wilkens, said,

“True equity and inclusion for people in STEAM and the LGBTQ+ community would look like being able to walk into a room and being able to see other people that look like you on the outside or, once you get to know them, look like you on the inside.”

With each season of PATHS, we work to create a space where we can highlight different identities and professional experiences to be able to showcase a wide variety of possibilities for our community. Representations like these are able to provide others with hope, inspiration, creativity, as well as new or different pathways for their personal and professional growth.

“The more queer people are in tech, the more queer people that are in these different spaces, the more that they start to feel comfortable being themselves, too.” - Justin Brady-Joyner, Principal DEI Stratregist

Don't miss the third season of PATHS! You can watch the full season at

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