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LGBT Tech Statement on KOSA as an amendment to FAA Reauthorization

Please attribute the following statement to LGBT Tech.

LGBT Tech stresses the critical need for Congress to address the Kids Online Safety Act (KOSA) as a standalone legislative measure, rather than integrating it into unrelated packages like the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reauthorization.

KOSA's potential to impact digital freedom and LGBTQ+ voices necessitates thorough and continued deliberation to ensure that any proposed measures effectively address online safety concerns without infringing upon fundamental rights to expression and access for marginalized communities.

Separate and dedicated consideration will facilitate the informed decision-making required with respect to KOSA, and we urge legislators to exclude KOSA as non-germane in this must-pass FAA reauthorization.

LGBT Tech recently joined a coalition of tech, LGBTQ+, and civil society groups in opposition to KOSA's inclusion as an amendment, which can be read here.

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