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LGBT Tech's, Arin Rook, talks to Dara Brown at Net Inclusion 2024 in Philadelphia.

At Net Inclusion 2024 in Philadelphia, Arin Rook, LGBT Tech's Digital Navigator, engaged in a compelling conversation with Dara Brown addressing a pressing concern within the LGBTQ+ community: access to affordable internet services.

Research has unveiled a stark reality - more than 8 million LGBTQ+ households are facing barriers to accessing the internet. Rook emphasized the criticality of addressing this issue, stating that it's "very critical that those folks are able to access technology and have personal technology that they can use safely."

In light of these findings, LGBT Tech is committed to bridging this digital gap. Through advocacy and targeted initiatives, we aim to ensure that every member of the LGBTQ+ community has equitable access to technology and the internet.

To delve deeper into the discussion and learn more about LGBT Tech's efforts, watch the interview with Arin Rook and Dara Brown below.

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