LGBT Tech Celebrates Data Privacy Day with Resources - including a Podcast

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

January 28 is Data Privacy Day, and LGBT Tech is celebrating by sharing resources from the National Cyber Security Alliance. Their program Stay Safe Online, to which LGBT Tech has partnered and contributed over the year, provides individuals and organizations resources for protecting their online data.

LGBT Tech has also launched the first episode of its new podcast LGBT Tech: After Hours, a unique resource that seeks to provide information about LGBTQ+ issues in tech. The first episode, available below and on Soundcloud, talks about Data Privacy Day and data privacy for the LGBTQ community.

Data privacy continues to be a large issue for millions all over the globe for various reasons but has specifically impacted the LGBTQ+ community as it relates to being outed. For LGBTQ+ individuals living in areas without protections for sexual orientation or gender identi