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Call One, Inc & LGBT Tech Partner on the PowerOn Program

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Today, LGBT Tech is proud to announce a partnership with Call One, Inc. Call One and LGBT Tech recognize the opportunity to empower the LGBTQ+ community through technology and celebrate their commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equality. The announcement comes within days of the 50th Chicago Pride Parade. The two companies will celebrate their partnership with a month-long Technology Drive on Thursday, June 20th at Call One’s Chicago and Westmont Offices.

Since 2013 LGBT Tech has operated the PowerOn program, designed to empower homeless and vulnerable LGBTQ individuals through access to technology and the resources and opportunities it provides. PowerOn collects, refurbishes, and upcycles used technology from companies and individuals, which is then deployed to LGBTQ+ community centers (called PowerOn Centers) across the United States where is it used to help provide critical access to services for LGBTQ+ individuals. LGBT Tech has a strong commitment to sustainability and works to ensure valuable materials are reused when possible and that dangerous components do not contaminate water, air, and other natural resources.

“We are excited to partner with Call One for this Technology Drive,” said Christopher Wood, Executive Director of LGBT Tech. “The access to the internet many of us take for granted, can make an enormous difference for someone who is looking to advance their education, career or find health information. Call One’s partnership with PowerOn will enable us to put more devices in the hands of those who need them most and help close the digital divide in the LGBTQ+ community. We appreciate Call One’s commitment to PowerOn’s mission and look forward to making positive change together.”

“Call One is proud to announce our combined efforts to promote inclusion with LGBT Tech. We believe in community and know that nothing of value gets done alone. Our partnership with LGBT Tech is proof that together we can empower people and companies,” shares Chris Surdenik, CEO of Call One. “The Technology Drive is just the first step to enabling our employees and customers to give back to this amazing organization.”

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