U.S. Secretary of Commerce Appoints LGBT Tech's Joseph Kapp to Advisory Committee

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

WASHINGTON – U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker today announced the appointment of Joseph Kapp, Co-Founder and Board Member of LGBT Technology Partnership & Institute to serve on the National Advisory Council on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (NACIE). Joseph joins 29 private sector, nonprofit, and academic newly appointed leaders to serve on NACIE and was selected from a pool of more than 200 accomplished applicants. The council members will offer recommendations for policies and programs designed to make U.S. communities, businesses, and the workforce more globally competitive.

“The members of NACIE provide important counsel to the Department of Commerce on the types of federal policies that will support entrepreneurship, innovation, and job-driven workforce training, all of which are critical to American competitiveness,” said Secretary Pritzker. “As ‘America’s Innovation Agency,’ we value the expertise of our private sector partners and appreciate the opportunity to incorporate their views into our policymaking process.”

"We are extremely proud to see LGBT Tech’s co-founder and board member selected to join NACIE.” said Christopher Wood, Executive Director, LGBT Tech “His demonstrated commitment to the LGBTQ community along with an unwavering drive will ensure that those who identify as LGBTQ have the same entrepreneurial opportunities as everyone else and will bring a much needed perspective to NACIE. I know he will serve the LGBTQ community well as he advises the Department of Commerce over the next two years.”