Sochi, the “gay propaganda” Law and the Role of Tech Companies for Global LGBT Visibility

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Sochi, the “gay propaganda” law and the role of tech companies for global LGBT visibility

With the Closing Ceremony on February 23rd, Sochi 2014 came to an official end and the Winter Olympics will not only be remembered for outstanding athletic performances. In the light of Russia’s controversial “anti-gay propaganda” law, the Olympics once again became a platform for global political issues, with LGBT rights moving to the center of Sochi. While many hoped that athletes would use the Winter Olympics to speak out against the archaic law, Olympians were silenced by the Olympic Committee that declared that sports is not a forum for political protest. Others considered Sochi as a forum for LGBT activism, with tennis legend and member of the U.S. delegation, Billie Jean King expressing belief that “politics are in everything.” For those using Sochi as a platform to show solidarity for Russia’s LGBT community, the anti-gay legislation would prove to