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Recap: Mastercard AI Panel – Exploring AI's Impact on the LGBT+ Community

In an era where artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly shaping our lives, it is crucial to address its implications for all communities, especially marginalized ones. This was the focus of Mastercard's recent AI panel event, featuring a distinguished lineup of experts, including Chris Wood, Executive Director and Co-Founder of LGBT Tech. The discussion, moderated by Greg Ulrick, Chief AI & Data Officer of Mastercard, provided deep insights into the risks and opportunities of AI for the LGBT+ community and outlined actionable steps for creating inclusive AI systems.


  • Greg Ulrick - Chief AI & Data Officer of Mastercard (Moderator)

  • Raj Korpan - Assistant Professor, CUNY Schools of NYC

  • Amol Shah - Go-to-Market, OpenAI

  • Chris Wood - Executive Director & Co-Founder, LGBT Tech

Unpacking the Risks of AI for the LGBT+ Community

The panel kicked off with a critical examination of the risks that AI systems pose to the LGBT+ community. Greg Ulrick guided the conversation, highlighting the importance of understanding these risks to address them effectively. Panelists delved into various aspects of AI, including technical applications, AI laws, and emerging generative AI (GenAI) technologies. They discussed how biases embedded in AI algorithms can disproportionately affect LGBT+ individuals, potentially leading to discrimination and exclusion.

Chris Wood emphasized the importance of recognizing these risks early in the development of AI technologies. "By identifying and addressing biases in AI systems, we can prevent harm and ensure that these technologies serve the needs of all users," he noted. The discussion underscored the need for ongoing vigilance and proactive measures to mitigate these risks.

The panelists discussed practical strategies for incorporating inclusivity into AI development, such as diverse data sourcing, transparent algorithms, and continuous feedback loops with marginalized communities. They highlighted the need for collaboration between tech companies, policymakers, and advocacy groups to create AI systems that are not only innovative but also equitable and just.

The Mastercard AI panel event was a powerful reminder of the potential of AI to transform lives positively while highlighting the importance of vigilance and inclusivity in its development. By addressing risks and seizing opportunities, we can build AI systems that truly serve and uplift the LGBTQIA+ community.

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