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LGBT Tech Signs Coalition Letter with the CDT to Prioritize Students’ Civil Rights in the Age of AI

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Research from the Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT) finds that harms from student activity monitoring, content filtering and blocking, and generative AI, are becoming more common in schools nationwide, sparking a backlash from students and their families.

Schools today are using long-standing content filtering and blocking technology in ways that obstruct student learning, extend to online content beyond what is legally required, and

disproportionately impact marginalized communities. For example, roughly one-third of teachers agree that content associated with or about LGBTQ+ students and students of color are more likely to be filtered or blocked.

Meanwhile, parent and student support for school use of online activity monitoring is dropping as trends of harmful outcomes continue. Two-thirds of teachers whose school uses student activity monitoring report that it’s used for disciplinary purposes. LGBTQ+ students suffer disproportionate impacts as well.

Regarding ChatGPT and other forms of generative AI, most high school students have limited guidance from schools on how to use it responsibly, but nonetheless face increasing rates of school discipline due to suspected use of generative AI tools.

The adverse impacts of edtech have increasingly become a civil rights issue and should be

treated as such by education leaders across the country. CDT’s latest legal research identifies areas of potential civil rights violations in school tech use.



Read the full letter here:

EMBARGOED_CDT Coalition Letter
Download PDF • 440KB

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