Chris Wood Speaks On-Air About LGBTQ+ Issues and Technology

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

On October 17, 2019, Executive Director, Chris Wood spoke on DC radio station WJFK to discuss the work of LGBT Tech and PowerOn. In this interview with Stevie Bridgewaters, Chris touches specifically on the importance of 5G in bridging gaps between LGBTQ+ populations and technological access.

In an increasingly tech-driven world, access to technology can mean access to employment, education, and other resources, many of which have moved almost exclusively online. "The hope and the benefit," Chris tells Stevie, "is that 5G is gonna bring gigabyte speeds to your phone, because a lot of people don't even have gigabyte speeds in their homes right now."

One of the cities and companies within that city working to expand 5G access is Washington, DC. According to Chris, "Here in DC, we have the director of DDoT [Jeff Marootian] really pushing to make sure 5G is continuing to be spread, not just in parts of the district, but all over the district - because everyone deserves equal access." Although, from a global perspective, the United States has lagged behind many other countries around the world in 5G deployment. One of the individuals working to change that is FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel stating the following on Capitol Hill earlier this year "However,