Tech Hack – Intro

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Here at the LGBT Technology Partnership we subscribe to the philosophy of Occam’s Razor and from the looks at the picture above, Facebook’s User Experience Lab Blog seems to apply the same concepts.

Occam’s razor is the philosophy that the simplest solution is the one that should be applied to most problems. As the photo shows, Facebook engineer’s used printer paper, Post-it notes and a big blank wall to develop its new News Feed. It seems like a surprisingly low-tech way to develop such a sophisticated and trumpeted new feature but it struck a chord with us specifically for that reason. You see, here at LGBT Tech we are slightly obsessive about productivity products. You may say we are productivity junkies. We spend a lot of time online researching new apps and products that can help us work faster! More efficiently! Better!

One of the missions of LGBT Tech is to make sure that our subscribers are aware of the technology and tools that will make their lives easier. Whether traveling internationally to a fierce destination or working hard at the office, there are a lot of new technological innovations that