2014 LGBT Center Technology Webinar Series

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

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Christopher Wood LGBT Technology Partnership Denise Spivak CenterLink

LGBT Technology Partnership and CenterLink Announce 2014 LGBT Center Technology Webinar Series

WASHINGTON, DC, February 27, 2014 – The LGBT Technology Partnership and CenterLink announce a yearlong series of webinars geared specifically for LGBT Centers around technology. This series is built to cover a variety of technology topics crucial to the daily operation, continued stability and growth of LGBT centers at all levels. Technology in LGBT centers has played an important role in the grassroots organization of LGBT communities and the ability of those communities to support each other regardless of geographic locations, age or background. “The LGBT Technology Partnership is proud to be partnering with CenterLink on this webinar series to provide crucial information to LGBT centers about technology and the policies that govern it,” said LGBT Technology Partnership Executive Director, Christopher Wood. “Connecting, supporting and enhancing the local LGBT community is crucial to the mission of LGBT centers and technology plays an important role in that connection.” “This is such an important program and we are excited to be able to provide these webinars to our members,” added CenterLink CEO Terry Stone. “LGBT community centers serve over 1.7 million people a year, and most provid