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Networking Social Platform Built with the Techie in Mind

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

For technology enthusiasts, professionals and companies looking for information and/or connections, the current platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, assorted blogs and forums can only provide so much help. Sure, all of those platforms allow them to connect, meet new tech professionals, and maybe get a few questions answered but these tech professional are hungry for a platform that gives something extra. Enter – Solaborate

Yesterday, the beta version of Solaborate, a new social networking platform built specifically for technology enthusiast, professionals and companies launched. After garnering over $1 million in seed funding from unnamed business angel investors, the tech community will finally have a place to call their own. So what does this mean? How is Solaborate different? Whether the tech professional works with hardware, software or services they are able to publish question (in full length, not 140 characters), share documents or presentations, video conference, chat and share what they consider to be best practices. Sounds a lot like LinkedIn and it is but with a social facebookish (real-time collaboration) layer built right in. We are currently working to get an invite to begin looking around the beta version and will report back as soon as we do. In the meantime, check out the video about Solaborate below and request your own beta version access!

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