How Technology Has Moved The Needle On Same-Sex Marriage.

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

From Telephone Poles to Smartphones How Technology Has Moved The Needle On Same-Sex Marriage.

When I wrote an article on financial planning issues unique to gay clients back in 2008 for the Journal of Financial Planning, little did I know that it would become part of the record for the California’s Proposition 8 Perry v. Hollingsworth Supreme Court case and add to the discourse on LGBT civil rights. This week LGBT communities will rally in front of the Supreme Court to show support for same-sex marriage in what will hopefully be another watershed moment, representing a significant advance in the rights of the lives of LGBT people. That the Supreme Court is hearing these orals arguments at all is in no small part due to the rapid pace of technology, the Internet, broadband and smartphones. It is common knowledge that the rise in technological advances has changed the world. But how technological advances have aided in the empowerment of LGBT communities is often less clear.

Prior to the Internet, life was very geographic