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The LGBT Technology Partnership brings together cutting edge tech companies, nonprofit organizations, policy makers, scholars and innovators to improve access, increase inclusion, ensure safety and empower entrepreneurship for LGBT communities around technology.

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Most Recent Filings

LGBT Tech signs open letter against UK anti-encryption campaign


Operation: Safe Escape and LGBT Tech stress the vital importance of encrypted communications for victims of domestic abuse and for LGBTQ+ people in countries where they face harassment, victimization and even the threat of execution. Far from making them safer, denying at-risk people a confidential lifeline puts them at greater and sometimes mortal risk.

LGBT Tech signs MMTC's comments to NTIA regarding Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act Implementation


Comments recommend, in part, that NTIA should take measures to increase broadband access for multicultural, low-wealth, rural, and urban communities; NTIA should establish national and local task forces to support BEAD and digital equity planning implementation; and faith-based nonprofits should be recognized as community anchor institutions eligible for BEAD grant funding.

LGBT Tech signs letter suggesting amendment to S.2710


LGBT Tech joins others, including TechFreedom and Center for Democracy & Technology, urging policymakers to consider "Moving the key provisions of § 3(e)(2)(A) into § 3(e)(1) would protect the stated purpose of this provision—prohibiting “self-preferencing in search” as an economic weapon through a broad, flexible standard—while doing much to foreclose creative pleading intended to retaliate against editorial content moderation."

LGBT Tech signs letter to Congress urging comprehensive permanent telehealth reform


Signed by 336 organizations, the letter asks Congress to plan for the future of telehealth with the understanding that "Virtual care is now a fundamental part of the U.S. health care system, and it will improve patient access to high-quality care well beyond the COVID-19 pandemic."

LGBT Tech Files Comments on the Affordable Connectivity Program


LGBT Tech joins ALLvanza, MMTC, and OCA-Asian Pacific American Advocates in advocating for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), a permanent successor program of the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program.

LGBT Tech speaks out against Texas HB 20


LGBT Tech's Carlos Gutierrez files declaration opposing Texas's social media law HB 20

LGBT Tech Endorsement of Acting Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel to Chair of Federal Communications Commission


LGBT Tech submits letter of endorsement to President Biden supporting the appointment of Acting Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel to Chair of the FCC.

LGBTQ+ Support Letter California SB 556


LGBT Tech and California PowerOn partner centers show support for Senator Dodd’s bill SB 556 which would widen access to Broadband service across California.

Current Population Survey (CPS) Basic Demographic Items


LGBT Tech advocates adding SOGI data to CPS demographic collection so that service organizations, policymakers, and others trying to serve the LGBTQ+ community can accurately represent and meet the needs of our community.

EBB Program, the LGBTQ+ Community & Connected Devices


LGBT Tech underscored the importance of including smartphones as one of the choices outlined under “connected devices” in the EBB program.

LGBT Tech Files Comments in the Emergency Broadband Connectivity Fund Assistance


LGBT Tech submits comments in response to the implementation of the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program (EBB Program or the Program)

Petitions for Emergency Relief to Allow the Use Of E-Rate Funds to Support Remote Learning During The COVID-19 Pandemic


LGBT Tech Files Comments on Petitions for Emergency Relief to Allow the Use Of E-Rate Funds to Support Remote Learning During The COVID-19 Pandemic, WC Docket No. 21-31