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Understand the unique privacy risks and importance of data privacy for the LGBTQ+ community
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How does privacy Affect the lgbtq+ community?


Exploring the LGBTQ+ Right to Privacy

LGBT Tech & Future of Privacy Forum

Some of the earliest [privacy] laws were around LGBTQ individuals; anti-sodomy, lesbians working in the workforce, police raids of LGBTQ spaces, and the laws that were used to give police and other federal agencies the right to entrap LGBTQ individuals...we don’t have full protections yet.

Chris Wood, LGBT Tech

Privacy & Security Tech Policies for Minority Communities


For people of color thats a hard trajectory to break, because they used to profile us based on where we live or what our names were...but now you can just go online to see what a person looks like or maybe determine what their orientation is to make certain decisions

Dr. Nicol Turner Lee, Brookings Institution

Privacy & Security Tech Policy for Minority Communities

Privacy & Security Tech Policy for Minority Communities

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