• Carlos Gutierrez, Dep. Director & General Counsel

Staying the Course on 5G Development and Deployment

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

LGBT Tech has long supported efforts at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to bring 5G technology to the market as efficiently and effectively as possible. The model we are currently operating under—in which the federal government auctions off 5G spectrum to wireless companies in order for them to develop multiple, competing networks—is working well to accelerate 5G development This is significant since minority communities, like the LGBTQ community, cannot afford to fall behind in the technology race when adequate access to reliable fast technology can impact everything from healthcare, education, economic opportunities or finding a safe community online and could make a huge difference between success and failure in everyday life. 5G has enormous potential to be a powerful tool to eradicate the digital divide as it has the potential to provide faster communications and increase response times for underserved and unserved communities.

Importantly, current efforts to build next-generation networks help underserved and vulnerable communities like ours – particularly in America’s rural, hard-to-reach areas where access to high-speed internet services is scarcest. However, some companies and special interest groups are calling for the federal government to take control and develop a single, national 5G network. A bureaucratic takeover of 5G could set back development efforts by years, hurting already-struggling rural and LGBTQ+ individuals and communities the most.

The rapid development of broadband and 5G networks—as well as the growth and expansion of the entire internet