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Breaking access barriers to informed, affirming, and affordable health care services for the LGBTQ+ community
Image by National Cancer Institute

telehealth is a crucial resource for the lgbtq+ community

People in the LGBTQIA+ community face disproportionate health risks and uneven access to health care services. Largely due to systemic discrimination and lack of access to relevant health education, people in the LGBTQIA+ community are:

More likely to be in need of mental health services

At higher risk of contracting HIV & STIs

Less likely to seek preventative services for cancer

Additionally, LGBTQIA+ individuals are less likely to seek medical care due to:

Lower levels of insurance coverage & higher rates of poverty

Lack of access to competent and affirming care

Fear of stigma and discrimination, often based off of negative experiences

The LGBTQIA+ community has many distinct health care needs and deserves to have access to informed and affirming care.

For many trans and nonbinary people, accessing gender affirming health care carries its own slew of barriers, especially for those living in rural or under-resourced areas.

Many intersex individuals have also faced traumatic medical experiences and discrimination, especially when it comes to involuntary medical interventions performed on intersex children.

People living with HIV may be required to frequently attend doctor's appointments to obtain antiretroviral therapy. Telehealth can make these appointments more accessible and sustainable.


Telehealth plays an important role in connecting the LGBTQIA+ community with competent and affirming health care providers and services. 

Our work on telehealth

Universal broadband means wider access to telehealth

Embracing the Telehealth Revolution: Reforms and Barriers to Continued Adoption

LGBT Tech's Chris Wood joins Health Innovation Alliance to discuss the increased need to make telehealth services as widespread and available as possible in order to keep underserved communities connected to the care and support they need, and to address the overall barriers that are in place that prevent universal adoption of this important service.

LGBTQ+ Telehealth Resources

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