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LGBT Tech Statement & Letter on Colorado S.B. 158

Please attribute the following statement to LGBT Tech.

"As an organization dedicated to closing the technology gap for LGBTQ+ individuals, LGBT Tech has serious and significant concerns about the potential repercussions of Colorado Senate Bill 158 on the digital rights and safety of LGBTQ+ and other marginalized youth. While aimed at safeguarding minors’ online experiences, language in S.B. 158 around age verification requirements, parental control measures, and the definition of “sexual” content risks restricting access to the resources and community that LGBTQ+ youth rely on for safe and vital exploration of self.``


LGBT Tech urges lawmakers to conduct a thorough review and revision of S.B. 158 to mitigate these concerns, and has sent a letter (attached below) outlining these concerns to the Colorado Senate Committee for Business, Labor, & Technology, the offices of the Colorado Governor and Attorney General, and members of the Colorado LGBTQ+ Caucus.

As Colorado and states around the nation grapple with the critical issue of protecting youth online, LGBT Tech implores legislators to take steps to preserve a safe and inclusive digital environment for vulnerable users who rely on digital spaces the most.

Read Letter Here:

S.B. 158 __ LGBT Tech Letter to Committee Members
Download PDF • 161KB

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