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Disclaimer: The list below illustrates our current findings. We will be updating this and all other COVID-19 related resource pages as we discover more information. The information provided here and on other pages has been taken as directly as possible from their original sources, all of which have been linked appropriately.

LGBT Tech does not endorse the companies listed below. We simply want to make as many resources as possible available to those who need them.

social media



  • The company has added a COVID-19 Information Center, accessible through Facebook’s News Feed, that will be adding information and resources from health authorities.

  • WhatsApp also contains a hub for COVID-19, which can be accessed at

  • Facebook is directing all searches on Facebook and Instagram related to COVID-19 to accurate health information pertaining to the virus.

  • The company is removing posts containing inaccurate/harmful information that has been debunked by the WHO and health experts.

  • Facebook has banned COVID-19 related advertising, as well as the sale of masks on Marketplace and other commerce platforms.

  • Facebook has added Physical Distancing Profile Frames to encourage users to practice social distancing during the pandemic.

  • For faith communities affected by the virus, Facebook has added a Faith on Facebook Resource Hub to help faith communities stay connected while keeping safe.

  • Facebook has created a state-specific CrowdTangle Live Display, where users can see COVID-19 updates on Facebook and Reddit throughout their state.


  • The social media platform has included more educational resources in Instagram Search.

  • Instagram has also added stickers to promote accurate information.

  • Instagram is removing COVID-19 accounts from recommendations, unless posted by a credible health organization, e.g. the CDC or WHO.

  • Instagram is rolling out the donation sticker in more countries and helping people find relevant nonprofits to support.

  • The company has also created a shared story to help those practicing social distancing connect with others, using a “Stay Home” sticker.

  • Instagram is also launching a new way to browse Instagram with friends over video chat.


  • Twitter has created a COVID-19 Event page that updates regularly with information and updates on the pandemic from across the globe.

  • Twitter is also taking steps to remove harmful or inaccurate information regarding the virus.

  • The social media platform will keep users updated additionally @TwitterSafety.

LGBTQ+ Specific


A service of the Trevor Project, TrevorSpace is an affirming, inclusive online chat for LGBTQ+ youth ages 13-24. TrevorChat allows users to self-define any way they wish, and contains multiple discussion forums and communities for users to meet other like-minded peers. TrevorSpace is free.

Q Chat Space

Run by CenterLink, Q Chat Space is another affirming, inclusive online chat for LGBTQ+ teens ages 13-19. Q Chat Space is also free.

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