SCOTUS Rules LGBTQ+ Employees Protected in the Workplace

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Carlos Gutierrez, Deputy Director of LGBT Tech, was quoted in Future of Privacy Forum's blog on Monday. FPF is a long-standing partner of LGBT Tech. Click here to read the full blog post.

Monday gave the LGBTQ+ community cause for celebration when the Supreme Court ruled that LGBTQ+ employees deserve protections in the workplace. As of June 17, 2020, no employer in the United States can legally terminate anyone based on that person's sexual orientation or gender identity. The decision comes at a time when LGBTQ+ communities have been hit hard on multiple fronts. Issues like housing insecurity, healthcare discrimination, and unemployment have been amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic, with many LGBTQ+ individuals struggling more than ever to survive. The Supreme Court decision is one step in the right direction toward LGBTQ+ equality in America.

“Today is a great day for the LGBTQ community and LGBTQ workers across the nation," writes Carlos Gutierrez, Deputy Director and General Counsel for LGBT Tech. Mr. Gutierrez was featured recently in a blog post from LGBT Tech partner organization Future of Privacy Forum. "The United States Supreme Court decision could not have come at a better time given the current COVID-19 crisis and the protests taking place across the country."

Mr. Gutierrez goes on to say that, while the Supreme Court's decision is certainly cause to celebrate, "there still remains much work to be done, especially around the areas of data and surveillance tools. The