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HIPAA-Compliant Zoom Licenses

LGBT Tech is happy to be able to facilitate HIPAA-compliant Zoom video conferencing licenses to our partners. Licenses are available at a cost of $20 per license per month. One license can be used by multiple individuals, but not at the same time. If you have multiple staff conducting sessions simultaneously you will need multiple licenses.



  1. Fill out the form below.

  2. Pay invoice and sign agreement (you will receive these via email after submitting your form).


NOTE: Please do not sign up for anything directly through Zoom. Once we receive your payment and agreement we will provide instructions to you for accessing your license.


The email address used to fill out the form will be the account holder for the license. If you would like the account attached to another email, please let us know in the comments section. Also, each license must be tied to a unique email address. If you are requesting multiple licenses please let us know the email for each one in the comments section.

HIPAA-compliant Zoom license registration

Thank you! We'll be in touch soon with your invoice and agreement.

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