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Arin Rook

Digital Navigator

Arin Rook (they/them) is the Digital Navigator at LGBT Tech, helping to dismantle barriers to digital access for LGBTQ+ communities by providing training and resources about the FCC’s Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). Arin has over a decade of experience working in education and non-profit organizations doing advocacy, training, and program development to support the LGBTQ+ community. 

More About Arin:

Arin received a Bachelor’s degree in Social Science from Michigan State University and a Master’s degree in Administrative Leadership from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Previously, Arin worked as an organizer for the Human Rights Campaign on the HRC Rising Campaign, which worked to expand grassroots efforts in key states to combat anti-LGBTQ+ legislation. At Towson University in Maryland Arin served as the Assistant Director of LGBTQIA+ Student Development, working with students, faculty, and staff on programs and initiatives to empower and elevate LGBTQ+ voices throughout the campus community. They have served on multiple campus and community committees to support LGBTQ+ inclusion, including serving on the Baltimore County Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Community Advisory Council and the University of California Office of the President’s Digital Inclusion Workgroup in 2021. Arin is particularly interested in topics surrounding digital accessibility and the complexity of lived experiences of Transgender people on social media.

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