Online Safety

Safety is important in an increasingly online world. While we provide various digital resources to different communities, we similarly provide safety and protection to to provide support to those who use technology.

Helpful Tips
Where to Report
  • Never plug your phone into an untrusted USB port.

  • Avoid sharing USB devices between computers.

  • Buy a burner phone (and maybe laptop) when traveling to some overseas countries.

  • Turn off wireless technologies when you aren't using them.

  • Use caution when following links in e-mail

  • Use encrypted text messaging software instead of SMS.

  • Keep your software updated.

  • Consider a Chromebook if you just want to use the web.

Listed below are various downloadable softwares to ensure privacy online:

  • E-Mail:

  • Messages: 

  • VPN's and IP Services:

If victim of internet fraud or privacy violations, report to the FTC using the FTC Online Assistant. They will take your case to ensure your privacy and security.

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