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Disclaimer: The list below illustrates our current findings. We will be updating this and all other COVID-19 related resource pages as we discover more information. The information provided here and on other pages has been taken as directly as possible from their original sources, all of which have been linked appropriately.

LGBT Tech does not endorse the companies listed below. We simply want to make as many resources as possible available to those who need them.




  • The company has updated Siri to provide accurate COVID-19 information to users asking if they have the virus. Siri will walk the user through a step-by-step questionnaire about symptoms, and urge any users exhibiting extreme or life-threatening symptoms to call 911. Siri will also provide a link connecting users with a curated list of telehealth options available on the App Store.

  • Apple has released the Apple COVID-19 app, available for users to download on the App Store. The app was developed in partnership with the CDC, the White House Coronavirus Task Force, and FEMA to help user screen themselves for the virus.

  • Apple has also released their new COVID-19 website to help users screen for the virus as well as to connect them with potential treatment.


Titles with asterisks (*) indicate HIPAA compliant options.


Discord is a free program where users can connect through video conferencing, audio calls, and IM. Discord recently announced that during the pandemic they will be expanding their Go Live feature to support up to 50 users at a time (previously 10).


GoToMeeting plans provide users with video and audio conferencing, as well as other useful features for professionals and organizations such as screensharing, Google Calendar plugins, and more. All GoToMeeting plans are HIPAA compliant by default.

G Suite*

Google's G Suite contains two features for conferencing - Hangouts Chat, a secure professional IM service, and Hangouts Meet, a video and audio conference call feature. The number of participants supported per call varies per plan, which start at $6 per month. G Suite also offer HIPAA compliance for their Hangout features for interested organizations.


VSee is a telehealth conferencing software designed specifically for healthcare professionals. VSee contains extensive information on the software's HIPAA compliant features.


This video conferencing program allows groups to connect online through video conferencing, webinars, instant messaging, and voice calls. The basic version of Zoom is available for free, with different account types and roles available on subscription. Some of the software's features that can be useful to groups are:

For information, visit Zoom Video Tutorials.


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