The LGBT Technology Institute strives to serve LGBT communities through education, programs, partnerships and research. Currently the research available around the LGBT community and technology, including research about adoption, use, trends and benefits is limited. The LGBT Technology Institute is committed to expanding this research to better LGBT communities all around the world.

We are currently conducting several surveys open to all, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation.


Connect4Life Now PowerOn


With LGBT youth being disproportionately affected by homelessness, the effects of “Connect 4 Life” could be far-reaching.” ~Huffington PostConnect 4 Life is a first-of-it’s-kind program developed to put mobile technology into the hands of one of the LGBT communities most vulnerable populations. According to a landmark 2012 study and part of the LGBT Technology Institute’s Connect 4 Life research, nearly 40% of America’s homeless youth identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender. This equates to over 650,000 LGBT youth on America’s streets at any given moment.

Vision For Inclusion
An LGBT Broadband Future


Given the many societal and political challenges encountered by LGBT individuals on a daily basis, Internet and broadband technologies play a critical role for the LGBT community in all aspects of life. The LGBT Technology Partnership & Institute’s newest research project, a Vision for Inclusion: An LGBT Broadband Future, released June 26, 2014, brings together a wide range of research to explore the importance of broadband technologies to the LGBT community.

Online Safety

The Internet has become a integral part of many lives across the US and around the world. This is especially true for LGBT communities who have become some of the quickest adopters of technology. With so many resources, tools, social platforms, entertainment and communication tools using the Internet, it is also important to keep yourself protected.

Research Fellow Opportunity


The LGBT Technology Institute awards several Summer Research Fellowships to support graduate students interested in pursuing intensive, immersive, mentored original research at the intersection of LGBT issues and technology.


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