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LGBT Tech Statement on H.R. 7891: The Kids Online Safety Act (KOSA)

Please attribute the following statement to LGBT Tech.

As the House Committee on Energy and Commerce prepares to consider The Kids Online Safety Act, or KOSA (H.R. 7891), LGBT Tech has sent a letter to Committee Democrats urging these lawmakers to consider the potential adverse effects of this legislation on LGBTQ+ youth and content.

While safeguarding children online is a shared priority, this bill, as currently drafted, jeopardizes access to constitutionally protected content and disproportionately affects marginalized users, especially LGBTQ+ individuals.

The broad and subjective language concerning "harmful to minors" could lead to overzealous content moderation, while the bill's "duty of care" obligation risks excessive censorship to avoid penalties. This is particularly dangerous in states where political actors may exploit the bill to suppress positive and affirming LGBTQ+ content under the guise of protecting minors. Such measures would not only violate First Amendment rights but also risk pushing LGBTQ+ youth further into isolation and harm.

LGBT Tech urges lawmakers to reconsider the approach currently taken in KOSA and seek a balanced solution that truly protects all children without infringing on fundamental rights or disproportionately harming at-risk communities.

LGBT Tech's letter can be read in full here.

Download PDF • 173KB

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