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LGBT Tech’s PATHS Program Awards STEAM Educational Funds to 18 Grantees Nationally

Updated: Mar 11

On December 6th, 2022, LGBT Tech’s PATHS program completed its inaugural STEAM Educational Grant cycle. This grant is an opportunity for LGBTQ+ students in STEAM educational programs to receive up to $5,000 towards their studies. Danaher, T-Mobile, Sony, Comcast Foundation, Google, and AT&T donated funds for this grant cycle.

“We are beyond thrilled to launch the extension of LGBT Tech’s PATHS program with our new STEAM Educational Grants. Driving true diversity in STEAM fields, especially for the LGBTQ+ community takes a multi-prong approach that includes visibility, access, and support,” said Executive Director Chris Wood, “and I’m excited to see what our inaugural PATHS grantees accomplish.”

This cycle received thirty applications from across the country. Eighteen grantees are being awarded funds, with a total of $74,952 being distributed. The funds will go toward basic needs, like on-campus housing costs, tuition fees, and textbooks, as well as more specific needs, such as program and software certifications, and funding research projects.

“We are really excited about this opportunity to provide tangible financial support to these 18 talented and passionate LGBTQ+ individuals through the PATHS STEAM Educational Grant program,” said Kristen Kelley, the Programs & Communications Manager for LGBT Tech. “Their involvement in STEAM education and the PATHS program will not only shape their own futures but eventually their respective fields themselves.”

PATHS is committed to empowering LGBTQ+ individuals on their journeys into STEAM careers by creating visibility, removing access barriers, and building support networks. A qualifier for receiving grant funds is participation in the new PATHS Mentorship Program, which aims to build an entire community of LGBTQ+ STEAM professionals, in which PATHS mentees could one day be mentors to the next generation of community members entering STEAM.

For more information about LGBT Tech’s PATHS program please visit

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