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An Open Internet Détente: How and Why Bipartisan Legislation Should End the Net Neutrality Wars

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

LGBT Tech's Executive Director, Chris Wood was on Capitol Hill yesterday with the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation "ITIF" to comment on a report recently released by ITIF on our mutual long-standing call for legislation to address net neutrality once and for all. LGBT Tech and others, including ITIF continue to urge congress to reach across the aisle and work to provide a framework that fits the modern Internet ecosystem and gives the FCC, FTC and consumers the guidance and protection they deserve.

"The United States has grappled for more than a decade with how to regulate Internet access, and the issue has become increasingly partisan as it has moved from an academic discussion and technocratic debate into the hands of the Federal Communications Commission under successive administrations. Republican FCC Chairman Ajit Pai recently rescinded not just the Obama administration’s common carriage rules grounded in the Title II framework, but the entirety of FCC authority over broadband. These extreme swings in jurisdiction are bound to continue, with courts giving the FCC wide deference to interpret the ambiguous Communications Act. Read More."

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